New Pre Start capability introduced into all of MiPlan's Apps


Pre Starts – Start Here

Pre Starts – Start Here

MiPlan’s suite of apps have added yet more functionality with the ability to capture Pre Start data. This is a great step forward in assisting operations to further reduce paperwork and administration whilst also providing operations with the ability to track pre start findings in real time firing off the necessary alerts to see a prompt response to all critical issues raised.

Some of the key features are

  • Configurable Pre Starts
  • Customised per equipment type
  • Simple and Quick to learn and use
  • Real time information to your Supervisor / Maintenance personnel
  • Happier operators as the Pre Start solution should enable maintenance to be more responsive

The Pre Start process can be configured to be part of the login workflow requiring operators to complete a pre start before capturing production data.

MiPlan understands that the introduction of digital prestarts incurs a massive change management process from opertaors through to maintenance and provides the expertise to guide any operation through the change to maximise the benefits of the solution

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